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Ultimate Decadence

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We at Ultimate Decadence are determined open minds, palates and new experiences through our bespoke creations, and to be a source of inspiration through our ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw ingredients and organic production where possible.

I opened my first Chocolate and Cupcake boutique in 2009 and it became an overnight success. I had no idea that my inspiration, passion and love for food could muster such a wonderful and appreciative audience. People who give their whole-selves to savour a taste; people who have a desire to try something different; people who won’t settle for anything but the perfect ‘yum’; people who support sustainable products and know we have to look after our earth; people willing to travel the world through food, who are enthusiastic to try a chocolate bean sourced in Ghana, plump vanilla from Uganda, aromatic yuzu from Japan and a dusting of basil salt from the plains of Peru. Maybe you’re one of us!

– Meetal Shah